Volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot

images volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot

Comments: I love this string. Will keep these going for now but sense that I'll return to the RPM for more control, spin, power and comfort -- which is all that you can ask for from a string. I was generating serious RPMs, and was able to push opponents back quickly and effectively without a lot of effort. Love it. Going to try Cyclone 16G next with a bump up in tension. This is a great string! Comments: This is a great string, especially for the price. Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard 2, views. Wimbledonviews. Description Spin!

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  • This gear shaped string provides plenty of grab on the ball, adding plenty of spin. This co-polymer string offers good ball pocketing while providing a comfortable.

    Comments: Just came off my 2nd session with Volkl Cyclone 17 in my Yonex AI98 at 52/50 lbs and I must say what a lot of fun this string is.

    By way of feel, it is. Volkl Cyclone 17 Fluo Orange. +. VOLKL VSET Cyclone Tour 17G/ MM Red Tennis String. +. Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin poly string - 40 foot .
    Spin Friendly.

    Volkl Cyclone 17G Tennis String Midwest Sports

    AND it's half the price, nice! Available: 2 Order:. Top Speed Tennisviews. Comments: Really Nice strings, similar to Dunlop Black Widow, although this lastsa little longer than the Black Widow, but dies faster.

    images volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot
    Volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot
    Colour: Available: Order: Black.

    Volkl Cyclone /17 String Tennis Warehouse Europe

    I definitely should have strung it higher, but I was coming from Luxilon ALU Power 16l which is much less powerful and deader, and so more predictable. Harsher than other co-polys out there. I can't comment on durability because I have maybe two hours of match play on this set. It just has a really great combination of feel, comfort, power, and spin. This string has plenty of power with a full swing.

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    images volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot

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    images volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot

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    Available: 2. Yes, the spin, comfort, and pocketing is excellent, and feel is good, but this setup played far too lively, powerful and unpredictable!

    Volkl Cyclone 1. The playability on this string is actually very good for a polyester string. Category Sports.

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    images volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot
    Volkl cyclone 17 reelfoot
    Love it. Comments: This i the stiffest, harshest string I have played with.

    The ball pockets well and it's a softer poly. I cut it out after 45 minutes and won't be using it again. If you think this string is harsh, try it under 50 lbs.

    Now, I am not a player that generally breaks strings, but even still, this string has great durability.

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